Conversation Intelligence Solution for Consumer Finance Industry

Recurrent AI collected and analyzed hundreds of millions of customer conversations to help organizations revenue teams to reach their full potential at work and bring their best to every interaction.

What We Do for Debt Collection Companys

85 %
Reduction in compliance risk
0 %
Increase in productivity
40 %
Reduction in onboarding time
87 %
Improve in execution

The Innovative Digital Solutions for Your Revenue Teams

Advanced voice & text quality management system for your collection teams

Using advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to transform the way that compliance is required and managed. All voice & text communication data can be 100% inspected automatically by AI, which is more time efficient and lower risky compared with the traditional manual way.
  • Support both online & offline quality management requirements
  • High accuracy rate and recall rate to ensure a lower double check rate
  • Customized fields allow you to define the QA rules according to different SOPs in different business scenarios

Precise tracking and analysis for your collection strategy execution

The flexible and customizable omni-channel communication data analysis system helps managers at all levels gain more insights about your business strategy execution and collectors/agents performance, so you can continuously optimize your collection strategies.
  • Highly customized themes and personalized dashboards
  • Multi-dimensional cross analysis, such as teams, individuals, business items, time, products etc
  • Flexible tracking of original session contents
  • Correlation analysis between execution rate and transaction data (deals close rate)

Arm your team members with real-time AI Intelligent Assistant

Discover best practices from a large number of real conversations, and Clone the best practices and knowledge to other collectors/agents to improve productivity for the whole team.
  • Clone the best practices, knowledge and verbal script to other collectors/agents to improve productivity for the whole team
  • Generate verbal script automatically during the call and give the agents prompts immediately
  • Summarize communication note automatically
  • Flexible tracking of original session contents
Key Advantages

The Hyper Personalized Insights for Your Revenue Teams

Speakly AI provides a simple, scalable solution to capture and analyze all customer calls and meetings to create visibility dashboards, drive process and behavior changes, and deliver actionable insights.
Super Visualization

Highly customized themes and dashboards to meet your personalized requirements

Quick Adoption

10,000+ Plug & play AI modules and templates, which reduces your adoption time by over 50%

Systems Integration

Standard APIs to integrate with your inner systems (CRM, database, call center etc.)

Customer Voice

Gain more insights about your customers, market intelligence

Advanced AI Capabilities

Voice recognition, speech to text, natural language processing, machine learning, virtual human etc.

Easy to Use

Professional delivery teams and CSM team to make sure you use the system easier

Faster Time to Value

Extensive industry "know-how" to help you set up your projects quickly.

Customer Experience

People-focused insights to enable you maximize your teams' potential.

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