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Unlock the Value of Your Conversations
Revealing actionable insights that enhance customer experience, stimulate revenue growth, increase operational performance, and reduce compliance risk.
Discover the Unknown

With the help of LLM, uncover the reasons behind customers’ intentions to purchase or not purchase, their feedback, and how these factors change over time.

Highly Automated

Input outcome data to effortlessly generate personalized dashboards across various dimensions, no manual labor required.

Increase Conversion Rate

Automatically performs a cross-analysis of conversation data, outcome data, and business metrics data to identify key factors impacting sales performance and conversion rates.

Adaptive Learning

Designed to evolve and optimize continually as you use it daily, understanding you better and providing more actionable suggestions.

Speakly AI Insight

Result-oriented Insight

Capture all dialogues and analyze them together with sales results to gain actionable insights, better understanding which behaviors are driving your business metrics and boosting team performance.

Staff Execution Analysis

Comparative analysis of high performer behaviors in successful transactions

Discover optimal points by cross-analyzing different team performances

The reasons of unsuccessful deals

Event execution analysis

Highly Automated

Simply upload your data and documents for a quick analysis and results

Please try our specially trained and designed language model, which excels in conversational intelligence. Simply upload conversational data, KPIs, and multiple documents, and let the system automatically provide you with insights, conclusions, and recommendations. It’s as easy as writing a “Prompt”!


Know your customer better from real conversations

Enrich your 360-degree customer view by extracting tags from customer conversations.

Understand what customers are expressing about your products and services.

Identify obstacles hindering your sales growth and expansion.

Determine the underlying reasons for customer dissatisfaction.

Unveil what your customers are saying about your competitors.


Flexible and Personalized Dashboards

Managers and supervisors at all different levels and functions can customize their own dashboards according to their KPI demands.

Speakly AI Insight automatically identifies patterns distinguishing top performers from bottom reps, allowing you to identify who requires assistance or coaching to improve and meet their goals.

Personalized dashboards enable you to check out all sales reps' communication behaviors from multiple dimensions.

Quickly determine if your reps are asking adequate engaging questions, setting next steps, managing multiple deals concurrently, or referencing the latest products.


Advanced AI Technologies

Built on our proprietary full-stack AI technology, which includes voice recognition, natural language processing, and large language models, the insights generated by Speakly AI can be integrated into existing workflows or decision-making processes to contribute value to your growth.

Omni-channel integrated so that it can collect the calls and meetings from different platforms including Call center, IM, Meeting tools (Zoom), Speakly AI Smart Badge etc.

We use deep learning algorithms for semantic recognition, reducing your adoption time by over 50%.

Advanced Speech-To-Text models and Natural Language Processing models optimize the accuracy rate and recall rate at the same time.


Uplevel all your sales behavior and their performance

Using our proprietary AI technologies, including ASR, NLP, ML, and LLM, Speakly AI captures and analyzes customer conversations across various channels such as calls, meetings, online chats, and emails. It then discerns the reasons behind successful or unsuccessful deals, improves sales productivity, and understands customer feedback. These valuable insights are further utilized to enhance subsequent interactions, achieving better results.


Know your customer better from real conversations

Gain more insights and questions about your Marketing Intelligence, Product, Pricing, Services, and Customer preferences from real conversations. Enable C-Suite and management team to make better strategic decisions.

By using first-hand customer profiles, you and your sales team could make better strategies about how to sell the right products to the right people at the right time.

Align marketing campaigns with your customer's voice, from your website, emails, and ad campaigns to how prospects and customers describe their own pain points. Know why and how they first engaged with you so you can adjust your campaigns to drive more leads.

The hyper personalized insights for your revenue teams

Speakly AI provides a simple, scalable solution to capture and analyze all customer calls and meetings to create visibility dashboards, drive process and behavior changes, and deliver actionable insights.


the strategies used by leading sales representatives to handle objections, then foster the same approach throughout your team.


the root causes leading to customer dissatisfaction.


what customers are saying about your products and offerings.

Find out

blockers that hinder your sales conversion and expansion.

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