Wearable Smart Badge

In order to collect conversation data in stores or offline scenarios, Recurrent AI created this smart device as a badge which has advance voice collect & recording function. 
Key Features

One Wearable Smart Badge to Resolve Your Data Collection Problems

It can be widely used in real estate, automotive, retail, across other industries, such as sales offices, retail stores, and showrooms, and through the “cloud + device” solution to help enterprises achieve refined sales process management and more comprehensive customer insights.
Long Battery Life

Up to 12 hours of battery life for a full day's work

100hours Voice Recording

Stores up to 100 hours of recordings

Customize your logo and name

Customize your business logo, color and style

4 Hidden Mics

Make the device more aesthetically pleasing and the sound samples clearer

Far-field Reception

Recognize voice at a range of 5-8 meters

Noise Reduction

Facilitates speech recognition for later analysis

Wi-Fi Connection

Quasi-real-time uploading of audio to the cloud

High Quality Audio

16k16bit High Quality

Wearable Smart Badge: Making Digital Management Happen.

Great Assist in Sales Management and VOC


Improve FAB Execution, Promote Customer Satisfaction

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